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My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27

Verse 1:
“When I need him I know where to find him, in my place of prayer his spirit hovers near, oh his voice gently gives me my direction, and I’ll follow that voice that I hear.

His voice makes the difference, when he speaks he relieves my troubled mind, it’s the only voice I hear that makes the difference, and I’ll follow one day at a time.”

What a beautiful song and reminder for the child of God. Certainly, God’s voice makes all the difference. The scripture above is the response given by Jesus in regards to the dilemma of doubt exercised by the Jews in the book John. As Christians, we sometimes face situations that are overshadowed by doubt, however great solace can be found in Jesus’ voice. From the scripture, we gather that a keen ear to the voice of God brings us into a promise of eternal security and life.

The individual that understands that God is fully aware of every situation and exercises their faith in His word, that brings direction, will reap a favorable reward. Today I encourage you to dispel all fears and doubts, and follow the voice of your God, Jesus.

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