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For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power. 1 Corinthians 4:20

Our society today is filled with many voices, each having something grand to say, or so they claim. Everyone has become an expert on religion and has done their share in presenting their concepts and ideas on salvation. Only a few remain consistent with truth, the Bible, the infallible word of God.

Paul in his discourse to the church in Corinth quickly pointed out to them that the Kingdom of God was not established on the philosophies of men or through florid speeches but rather by power which is of the Holy Ghost. It is on this premise I remind you that possessing the kingdom of God is not done through verbose proclamations, it is not through eloquence of speech or the ability to rehearse and declare doctrinal truths.

Paul who was well learnt had to ensure that he himself on his many missionary journeys did not become a cast away. As such we must endeavor to submit to the transforming power of the Holy Ghost. The same power spoken of in Acts 1:8 must continue to do a demonstrative work in our lives daily until Christ is perfected in us. Let’s us not have a form of godliness and be guilty of denying the power (3 Timothy 3:5). Let us subscribe to His power and be led by his Spirit (Romans 8:14).

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